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Remortgaging Advice

Are You Looking For Remortgaging Advice in Edinburgh? As a property owner, you understand how important it is to secure a great mortgage rate. 

Just a few extra percentage points can lead to massive stress-inducing bills. Trust Lothian Mortgage Service to compare the entire market and secure you the most competitive mortgage offer.

Is re-mortgaging a good idea?

For mortgages with a time-limited offer lasting two to five years from the start of the term, re-mortgaging can be a great way to secure a better rate to reduce the overall payment.  After your initial mortgage offer rate ends, your interest rate can spike, making re-mortgaging a financially sound option.

How do I remortgage to release equity?

The best opportunity to remortgage is when your existing mortgage deal comes to an end.  At this time, you can transfer your outstanding debt to a new lender in order to secure a better deal.

Repeating this process when more equity is accumulated is a great way to optimise your mortgage for the lowest payments possible.

Is it better to remortgage or get a loan?

For those with equity in their home, remortgaging is usually a great option. However, if the remortgage term length is too long, the overall payment can end up being more than what you're already paying, even if the interest rate is lower.

A variable rate remortgage will subject you to any interest rate hikes in the future, which can further increase monthly payments.

Since your first point of contact with Lothian Mortgage Service, you will be assigned a dedicated adviser to provide in-depth consulting on the remortgaging process.

Our advisers are fully qualified and experienced in every aspect of remortgaging, and won't stop working until you are satisfied with the deal. With access to thousands of mortgage products and a focus on our client's unique circumstances, we have the capability to tailor the perfect deal for your situation. 

Once you and your trusted adviser have worked out the best possible remortgaging deal, our team will get to work completing all the relevant paperwork while collaborating with solicitors, lenders, and surveyors.